For sale

Here you will find examples of my own, handbuilt instruments offered for sale, along with a selection of completed restoration projects, that offer excellent quality but at reasonable prices

3/4 German violin, £700


Possibly German, mid 19th century 3/4 violin. This violin has undergone major rebuild and restoration work, to preserve it's original character and appearance, the original finish has been preserved where possible and tastefully re-applied where necessary. A beautiful violin, strung with Larsen Aurora strings.

Late 19th Cent.violin, £350


Late 19th Century violin, possibly English, 4/4 size and fully restored strung with Pro-Arte strings

Bavarian 19th Cent violin, £550


Late 19th Cent. Bavarian 4/4 violin, with the classic Lions head in place of the scroll, fully restored and strung with Pro-Arte strings

19th Cent French violin, £650


19th Cent. French 4/4 violin stamped "REMY" inside the back, fully restored and strung with Pro-Arte strings

19th Cent English violin, £850


19th Century 4/4 violin, believed to be English, fully restored and strung with Larsen Aurora strings

Baroque violin, £3,250


Built alongside it's relative, this violin is a copy of the Benjamin Banks 1787 violin, made following the English tradition of lutherie, in pure Baroque set-up and strung with Chorda gut strings. A lovely warm tone, but yet to develop it's full potential through playing in.

15 1/4" Baroque Viola, £3,500


Built after detailed study of the original Benjamin Banks "Cathedral" viola of 1770, this instrument has been made faithfully to the English tradition of violin making of the time, and has been constructed in what would have been the original Baroque set-up. Strung with Chorda gut strings, this viola has that deep and rich power one would expect, but as a new instrument, will need time and playing to find it's true potential

Modern, contemporary 4/4 violin outfit, £325


Contemporary 4/4 violin, strung with Prim strings and offered complete with bow and case

English 19th cent 4/4 violin, £1,350


Late 19th cent. English violin, labelled "John Betts 1820", fully restored and in excellent playing condition. Strung with D'darrio Pro-Arte strings



This beautiful acoustic model has been built to the Mk.3 body style. Made from medium figured Maple for the back and sides and first quality alpine spruce for the table.
Strung with Prim strings to give a powerful and bright response across all strings, but retaining a sweetness in the upper register and a gorgeous depth to the low C.
Finished in tender pine oil varnish and a deep red/brown glaze colour, supplied complete with a Cellissimo hard case.

Vio-5, 5 String Electro-acoustic,


From the stable of my original 5 string violins, slender model, built from fairly plain figured maple for Tonal superiority, with first quality Slovenian Spruce for the table. This beautiful wood is laid bare by a minimal coating of pure pine resin oil varnish, ensuring the resonance is not checked whilst at the same time, giving the essential protection to the instrument. For optimum amplification, with minimal distortion and noise,my own design 5-string bridge has been incorporated, and houses the Piezo sensor, feeding my unique Chinrest amplifier set-up. Fitted with quality, Wittner, geared pegs and finest quality Despiau bridge, tuned for optimum response.
Currently strung with D'darrio Helicores (medium), giving a gorgeous depth of tone, but bright response at the top, and a Thomastik "C".
Supplied complete with hard Cellissimo case ...more

From "The Celt" stable, 4-string Electro-acoustic violin


Evolving from the Vio-5, the Vio-4 is a natural development in style and tonal performance, only this one is the first 4 string to be finished in a unique style, incorporating my own design of Celtic Knot around the sides, all done with my own recipe Oil varnish. Incorporating my own-design piezo bridge and chinrest buffer/pre-amp, gives astonishing amplification performance and strung with Prim strings.
A complete stunner!

3/4 violin, £450


Fully restored, late 19th cent. German 3/4 violin, believed to be either Markneukirchen or possibly Schonbach. Lovely tone, exquisite detailing and finish. Restored with new pegs, fingerboard, bridge and tailpiece. Strung for concert set-up.

3/4 Violin, £125.00


Czechoslovakian student instrument, length over back: 342mm, styled on Antonio Stradivari "long pattern" instruments. Completely restored and fitted with new ebony fingerboard and pegs, strung with good quality student strings, sounds lovely. Ideal for advancing student.

4/4 violin, Amati "Alard" style. £ 2,575


This is the third instrument of this model from my "Alard" mould. The original instrument is currently part of the Hill collection in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, and is an absolutely breathtaking example of Nicola Amati's work, I never tire of seeing it, nor making it.
This interpretation is made from medium figured Maple to the back, ribs and neck, with quality boxwood fittings and strung with Thomastik Dominant strings, giving a beautiful, crisp and lively response, despite it's mellow tone.

5 String violin, "Vio-5" - SOLD


5 String, Vio-5 No. 4, completed summer 2014. Body length 355mm, acoustic variant, medium figure maple back, ribs and neck. Soundboard from Slovenia, excellent quality Alpine spruce. Finished in Pine resin oil over a casein ground, glaze coated a rich warm red/brown. Strung with Thomastik Dominants, excellent power, tone and response across all strings.
Supplied complete with hard Cellissimo case ...more

4/4 violin, Guarneri-del Gesu style. £2,575


Guarneri Del Gesu style concert violin. 4/4 size, length of back 351 mm, built on a form dating from 1741. Standard fittings, medium figured Bosnian Maple for back and sides. Lovely, powerful tone. ...more

4/4 violin, Carlo Bergonzi style..£2,575


4/4 Violin, styled on an instrument by Carlo Bergonzi dated 1731, lightly figured one piece Maple back and best quality spruce soundboard. Lovely sonorous tone, bright and responsive at the top, rich and full tone on the G and D. Finished in a beautiful red/orange oil varnish and quality boxwood fittings, fitted with Thomastik Dominant strings. ...more