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4/4 violin, Carlo Bergonzi style..

4/4 Violin, styled on an instrument by Carlo Bergonzi dated 1731, lightly figured one piece Maple back and best quality spruce soundboard. Lovely sonorous tone, bright and responsive at the top, rich and full tone on the G and D. Finished in a beautiful red/orange oil varnish and quality boxwood fittings, fitted with Thomastik Dominant strings.
Completed in 2013, this model was chosen to discover how close Bergonzi's style of making was to that Antonio Stradivari, it being widely understood they were contemporaries in the golden age of Cremona. Although the back is of fairly plain wood, the tonal signature achieved was exceptional, as chladni tuning of the plates enabled both top and back plates almost identical in modes 2 and 5, with an octave separation between the modes.