Prices and Terms

New, commissioned instruments
(All new instruments are supplied with a hard case)

Acoustic 4 string Violin £3,500
Acoustic 4 string Viola £3,600

Electro / Acoustic 4 string violin £3,800
Electro / Acoustic 4 string viola £3,900

"Vio-5" - Acoustic 5 string violin £4,000
"Vio-5" – Electro/Acoustic 5 string violin £4,300
Violoncello. £POA

(These prices above apply to standard quality instruments, with medium quality wood, fittings, strings and accessories. They may differ depending on customer requirements.)

Chinrest Amplifier system

Amplifier kit - fitted £240
Amplifier Kit- Customer fitted £195

(Expect a 2-3 week lead time for delivery of Amplifier Kits)

Repairs and adjustments:

Most repairs and tonal adjustments undertaken, and each will be subject to individual prior inspection and assessment, and prices will be agreed prior to commencement of work

Bow re-hair (assuming no bow defects found) from £60.00
Violin to Small Viola conversion £POA

Conditions of sale

Newly commissioned instruments:

1. All new commissions accepted with payment of non-refundable 20% deposit to cover material costs.
2. An agreed provisional delivery date will be given, and confirmed with the customer as the instrument nears completion, at this point the customer will be invited to choose the final finish, fittings and strings.
3. Upon delivery, the customer has a period of one month in which to decide to complete the purchase, at which point the remaining balance will become immediately payable.
4. If the customer chooses not to buy, then the instrument must be returned within an agreed time, at the customers expense.

Other instruments for sale

5. All instruments other than newly commissioned ones, are subject to a 2 week approval period, and full payment will be made at time of ordering.
6. If the customer chooses not to buy after the approval period, the instrument must be returned, and a full refund will be made to the customer upon receipt. The cost of returning the instrument will also be refunded.