About VioGlyn

Glyn Jones, a modern, contemporary maker and repairer of Violin Family instruments
With over 30 years experience in the craft, It was during my Army career in aviation engineering back in 1988, that I chanced across a famous book on violin making, and, already enjoying a passion for the violin and it's music, I felt an overwhelming compulsion to make one.

I am mainly self-taught, as, with military commitments at the time, I was unable to take up formal tuition. However, learning alone, although difficult was a very rewarding route to take, and for me, demanded self-discipline and self-criticism in all aspects of my progress, and the learning continues as new experiences and skills evolve.
Supported with some distance learning from the Newark school in the early 90’s, I found I was taking every opportunity to examine instruments and absorb as much information and knowledge as I could. Consequently, my making and repairing was constantly being influenced and improved through honest criticism (good and bad) from the many makers and players I met along the way.

I remain faithful to the trusted, traditional techniques and materials pioneered by the grand masters of the past, and believe an holistic understanding of the instrument is vital to being a successful maker, as a broad knowledge of many disciplines will be called upon to create a living object from wood.

I do not produce copies but enjoy the challenge of identifying with a classical maker’s style and produce my own interpretation. I also welcome the opportunity to go ‘free style’ and develop contemporary instruments.