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Vio-5, 5 String Electro-acoustic,

From the stable of my original 5 string violins, slender model, built from fairly plain figured maple for Tonal superiority, with first quality Slovenian Spruce for the table. This beautiful wood is laid bare by a minimal coating of pure pine resin oil varnish, ensuring the resonance is not checked whilst at the same time, giving the essential protection to the instrument. For optimum amplification, with minimal distortion and noise,my own design 5-string bridge has been incorporated, and houses the Piezo sensor, feeding my unique Chinrest amplifier set-up. Fitted with quality, Wittner, geared pegs and finest quality Despiau bridge, tuned for optimum response.
Currently strung with D'darrio Helicores (medium), giving a gorgeous depth of tone, but bright response at the top, and a Thomastik "C".
Supplied complete with hard Cellissimo case
With the aim of achieving acoustical perfection DURING the process of making, this instrument meets all of the main frequency and tonal criteria to ensure that both during and after playing in, it will continue to improve throughout it's life.
With a Helmholtz of 230Hz, and a B1 response at 460Hz, the harmonics are perfectly matched.